“But Nels is dead, and so his empire has fallen…thus we live in darker days. The men of Amanne have turned on each other, instead of their proper enemies – those who envy and fear us. Our brotherhood is akin to a corpse and a flock of vultures. But what was, will come again. The Silver Flame will burn in the hearts of both believer and infidel, leaving only those with pure thoughts. It will bring order to our sacred land, and to the dwellings of all men.”
- Bartholomeus II of Ralan

Welcome to Amanne!

This site is meant as a compilation of information on the setting as well as the characters. Players should add their characters to the site, with preferably a short bio and description. See János Gosteli for an example.


Adventure logs will be posted for my convenience on an irregular basis, and a recap of political events via timeline will be posted when needed. Feel free to add to Items, NPCs, etc whenever you wish. Quotes can be recorded on your character’s page. Adventure logs can be written by the players as well. Simply write up a journal entry and link it to your character page.


Anyone can edit the following page, which consists of notes that could prove helpful:


The current game centers about the Gosteli, and the game of politics and war in a time of strife, set after the Marshlander Civil War, Amannean War of Succession

Current Date: June 1095.

Dramatis personæ

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