Berj Totigian

Third of the Toti Brothers


Age: 20
Ethnicity: Oscotian Magosi

Nickname: Bergi, meaning “Tiger” in (Imperial) Moqolese


Berj was born the third son of Magar of Toti, who later took the name “Totigian” when him and his family set up a branch of their trading company in Zeroll. Wanting a life in the flourishing Marshlands for his four sons, Magar had them educated in Nornberk. Only Berj and Yermi followed through, as Barsam and Magar the younger were too involved in the family business to want to pursue an education. Barsam at least learnt basic Amannean.

Magar the elder spent most of his time at sea, and this left Barsam and Magar the elder to run the trading shop. When their mother was assaulted in a mob attack on moqolese residences, Magar the younger hunted down the assailants and killed them, hanging their bodies in the town square. Magar was forced to flee, but was hunted down and killed by bounty hunters. Barsam managed to free the family of implication however, and the courts were satisfied seeing as the murderer himself was slain.

After a few years, Magar the elder died at sea. Barsam took up the smaller trading branch at Nornberk, where he also managed the family ships, while Berj and Yermi managed the larger branch in Zeroll, with the help of their uncle Misak. Yermi proved to be by far the more competant merchant, so Berj pursued a career in the military, after which he joined the recently-established Compania Sinoisto.

Berj Totigian

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