Bernardo Gosteli

Generalisimo of the Red Fist, Master Duelist and First Son of János Gosteli


“He wields that blade like a fillet knife; effortlessly and elegantly. It is not skullduggery that brought Sir Bernardo his fame, but rather the favor the gods have with his blade…”
- Bianco Orisini, 1084

“It would be reasonable to say that Bernardo Gosteli has inherited and surpassed his Father’s prowess with the war sword. However it would be inaccurate to pose that his sister inherited all of János’ cunning…Bernardo is more clever than he appears; his stratagems thoughtfully executed…”
- Unknown speaker of the Sanudo, 1087

“I’d take Bernardo over Vazcates any day. At least he bathes."
- Cristofano Lugus, Generalisimo

Age: 29
Ethnicity: Svalek
House: Gosteli
Other Titles: Generalisimito (“little great general”, referring to his age upon appointment)


Bagradat Janoshvili Qoztelani (am:Bernardo Gosteli) was born the first son of Catalina Visconti and János Gosteli, and was tutored by his father Janosh, as well as his Vashirishvili relatives. He played a major part in the leadup to the Del-Bove-Gosteli Feud, which helped spark the Marshlander Civil War. Bernardo is known for his loyalty and honor during warfare, and is frequently admired by even the enemies of the Gosteli, for his conduct.

Bernardo is married to Ambra of Vettin, who bore him one child, Aram. He has had a major part to play in dealing with the Nornberk Insurrection, as well as the recent Marshlander involvement in the War in the Reach.

Bernardo is famous for is patronage of the Blue-Sky Orphanage and the Petzchau Temple, as well as his regular get-togethers at the Zarashvili Bakery in Petzchau.


Bernardo Gosteli

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