Catalina Visconti

Wife of Janos Gosteli


Other Titles:

  • Countess of Haslau
  • ‘Jewel of Qalavria’

Catalina (Katavan Vashirishvili) was born to Vardogur of Paulto and Tsisaranush Halraav in Qalavria (Formerly the Principality of Qalavuri), in the Marshlands. Known for her patronage of arts and great beauty, she was the favorite child of Princess Tsisaranush.

Her brother Arushid was close friends with Janos Gosteli, and through him she met her future husband, who sought her hand in marriage during that year’s Midsummer festival, and according to local legend, she accepted despite the protests of her mother. Janos was not wealthy at the time, and since his father didn’t provide money for the dowry, the marriage was delayed until he could pay.

The marriage produced two children, Bagradat and Myranush. However, she died about two years after her daughter’s birth, supposedly by a stray arrow, but many consider the circumstances of her death suspicious. She is buried in Paulo’s temple of the Wolf, built by their own Shoxrani ancestors.


Catalina Visconti

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