Cristofano Lugus


Age: 36
Ethnicity: Marshlander
House: Lugus
Other Titles: Cristof the Fair, Butcher of Nels’ Landing

Notable Facts:


Cristofano, also known as Cristof by the Moqolese, is a noted strategos, previously serving for Lugus. He gained fame as a youth by being the first man over the magosi walls at the Battle of the Brakenvald. He was later promoted to Generalisimo, where he stayed in the Southern Marches, organizing reistance to the frequent moqolese raids in the territory during the Horn Hill Conflict.

Cristofano organized the Zerollean response to the War of Wine, which culminated with the infamous Massacre at Nels’ Landing. This cemented the already brewing animosity towards him by the moqolese. Nonetheless he got along well enough with Ceratis, the Lugus allies before the war.

As vengeance for the massacre, Cristofano was challenged to a duel over war crimes by Bertrand Canossa. Cristofano lost both the duel and three fingers on his left hand in the process. He was scheduled for execution but was pardoned at the start of the Marshlander Civil War.

He did assist his Lugus brethren in the fight against the Brendenburgh, participating in many key battles. Most notably he personally captured the Gosteli family and the Canossa patriarch during the Skirmish at Petzchau. He released the Gosteli women out of chivalry, but was tried for treason for it, and stripped of his rank as Generalisimo in a wartime trial held by his brother Anthony. Fearing for his life, he fled Zeroll to live in Korhold for the remainder of the war, where he served as a sellsword in the hire of Flint.

At the end of the war, he was invited back to Zeroll under an oath of peace by Lucius Pontreas, who was desperate for a strategos experienced in fighting the moqolese, who were threatening war over the spoils of the Civil War. Although the southerners were eventually pacified, Cristofano was still returned to his position as Generalisimo, and promoted to the post of Strategos after a year. He was given lands in Nornberk with which he established a fishing town.

Cristofano swore a vow of chastity as a member of the Bastion, and thus has no descendants. He is the brother of the late lord Anthony Lugus,as well as the second cousin of Grand Prince John Glover II of the Mistlands.

Cristofano Lugus

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