Draven Easley


“I am a knight, a scholar, and a mage… In other words a walking heresy.”

Age upon death:
House: Easley
Other Titles:

  • Cabal Ranks Seeker of the Glass Eye
  • Baron of Fallenstar

Draven Easley is taller than average Amannian man at 6 feet found normally in his armor on travels. His armor is adorned with a tabard of house Easley and across it he wears his sash of the seeker from the Cabal of the Glass Eye. Without his armor he wears stately robes of grey and green with the new dark reds for his position as adviser of Burning Peaks. He wears a thick mantle of ice wolf fur with a distinguished blue tint. He bears a greatsword as his weapon of choice and a Rondel dagger on his belt. His dark brown hair is pulled back into a small braid and he has a trimmed beard. He wears a white gold ring engraved with the symbol of house Ramsey.


Draven Easley was born a bastard to a housekeeper of the Easley estate. He grew up with curiosities of his father but it never influenced his life. He attended his soon-to-be younger step brother’s birthday where Draven had made his decision to become a knight and was made squire to his soon-to-be older step brother after a excellent game of knights and bandits. A few days later he over heard Lord Easley talking to one of his advisers about Draven’s father. He confronted Lord Easley and he admitted to being his father. But instead of denial Lord Easley offered to accept him as one of his sons and heirs.

Years later after receiving a noble’s education, Draven was ready to display his true grandeur. As a squire Draven entered a tournament as a substitute to his older brother. He competed in 3 competitions; a horse riding with obstacle course, a foot race and wrestling match, and a duel of arms. During the horse race he had a bit of a rocky start but performed well while his opponent fell off his horse. During the foot race Draven easily out ran his foe being significantly taller than him. This gave him crucial seconds to set himself up for the wrestling in which he pinned his foe in mere seconds. The duel of arms became a 3 way duel due to another contestants injury. He found himself pit against the standard bearer of house Manning and a man with a battle axe known for his ferocity. Draven knew that charging a foe would lead to his downfall so he goaded the berserker to strike at him. As he made his charge he was taken down by the knight of house Manning. After the beserker’s fall Draven pressed the attack and beat down his foe with brute force until he surrendered in shame. Draven was declared the winner and many a spoil was offered (mainly women) but Draven was approached by some knights of church and they offer him full knighthood. Draven promptly accepted and in a weeks time he was knighted by church and Archduke.

During the week before his knighting Draven was to display his research on astronomy. His project was to calculate the next solar eclipse which was to fall on his presentation day. He set his presentation time to correspond with the eclipse. As he gathered for his presentation he was approached by an agent of the Cabal of the Glass Eye who was interested to see his accuracy. Draven plotted perfectly and called out the eclipse during his show case to the awe of the crowd. After his presentation the agent of the Cabal approached him again offering him admittance to the Cabal of the Glass Eye. Draven eagerly accepted and was merely to wait for his knighting before he would head south to his new home.

to be continued….

-The way to the cabal and a meeting with Mercer
-The years at the Cabal and a new fate unfolds
-The expedition into the dragon’s spine
-The prodigal son returns home
-The shadows in the north
-The Korhold struggles begin
-Mistakes were made and some discoveries too
-The journey east to Moqol and House Ramsey
-Long study, Healing, and Marriages abound
-Affairs under the stars
-PvP death…

Draven Easley

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