A young guard at the court of Maria Gosteli, sworn to a life of service


Full Title: Lord Edvin of Gosteli, Lord Chancellor of the milkbowl and Keeper of the brown blanket
Age: 1 month
Ethnicity: Cervian Shepard (Subclass of Serulli Shepards)
House Affiliations:

  • Born as a ward to the Anjora, to parents who both served in the household guard of Felix Anjora in the town of Kalmo
  • Sworn to lifetime service to Maria of the familia Gosteli at the age of 20 days, as a birthday gift from Duke Felix to the Lady.

Other Titles:

  • Edvino (little Edvin), given by Maria
  • Kraljito (little king), given by the lady’s liege and lord father, J├ínos Gosteli
  • Edvin the Fluffy

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Figuring out how to drink milk
  • A glorious fur coat, acquired by inheritance
  • Winning the heart of his Lady, whilst spending most of the day asleep

Edvin would write his biography, but his paws are too small.


From Amanne Broccoli21