Ervin Sylle

King of Svalos


Age: 59
Ethnicity: Svalek
House: House Sylle

Other Titles:

  • Vizgraf of Sylle
  • Lord of the Dragon-Crest
  • The Mountain King
  • The Last Kral

The Sylle have ruled with the iron will of the Red Men as kings of Svalos for over 6 centuries, and Ervin Sylle, tenth of his name, is no different. Under his rulership the Sylle have ruled unchallenged and even expanded their land at the cost of House Ceratis during the plethora of wars in the recent years.

The Second Svalic War almost spelled tragedy for the house however, and Ervin is the only male heir to the crown. Under Svalic law after the first marriage, no children can inherit, and thus his son is not eligible for the crown. Upon his death the lands of Svalos will pass to the Empire of Moqol, an event with massive political impact.

Ervin Sylle

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