Francesco Durazzo

Patriarch of the Durazzo


Age: 51
Ethnicity: Marshlander
House: Durazzo

Notable Facts:


A brutal warlord, Durazzo ruled over his lands with taxes so oppressive that they had merited notice from his liege more than once. Along with yearly raids, and support from Halwynn tribesmen brought wealth to his house. That is, before the war. Now, the Durazzo are surrounded by their enemies to the south, and their once-powerful Lugus patrons are gone.

Francesco is still a force to be feared however; he was not stripped of his rank as generalisimo. In fact he sided with the Brendenburgh early enough that he was promoted to strategos – perhaps a move by Pontreas to keep him grounded at the capital, instead of plotting at his keep. His 12 sons rule in his stead however, and continue his brutal legacy in true form.

Francesco Durazzo

From Amanne Broccoli21