Henri de Bohm


Age: 31
Ethnicity: Northman
House: de Bohm
Liege: Anjora
Other Titles: The BoarLord



Henri de Bohm is the head of the de Bohm family, a minor house of landed knights previously in service to Lugus. They now begrudgingly serve the new Pontreas Archduke. They are a banner house to Anjora, but are generally free from obligation due to their relative distance from Blenth.

Henri is a renowned for his tenacity and skill with a lance, but infamous for his cruelty and lack of chivalry during warfare. A true warrior with the blood of The North, Henri was trained as a squire in the service of House Manning. His father Richard soon was awarded land in the recently annexed Boar Island however, which upon his death was given to Henri.

Before his inheritance was finalized however, Henri was called upon by his liege to raid the lands of the old enemy, House Harlaw. Henri performed extraordinarily well. Using a combination of scorched-earth tactics and economic warfare in the Riviera, he managed to starve out the resistance in the eastern Harlaw lands, leaving them available for plunder by the northmen. This cemented his reputation as an expert raider. He was knighted upon his arrival in Ralan.

The de Bohm under Henri have come to be known for unorthodox, savage and terrifying tactics during warfare, seemingly using anything possible against their enemies. Notable cases include the use of plauge-ridden bodies in the Siege of Albrecht and the systematic pillage of the abbeys in Visconti lands, both during the petty wars that preceeded the Marshlander Civil War. Henri was put on trial for the rape of multiple highborn women during these raids (including one daughter of Petyr Draxis), but the charges were dropped when his forces refused to serve under his brother instead, during the Civil War.

He served as a raider for Pontreas during Boveta’s Rebellion, upon which the Archduke erased the charges against him save the accusation regarding Lilia of the Sanudo family, who was allegedly raped and killed by Henri during a raid on a Sanudo caravan.

Since then, Henri has come to be favored by Pontreas, and has been rewarded with much of the spoils of war on the mainland near Boar Island.

Henri was married to Lucile of House Glover, as compensation for his heroic acts during the Fourth Glover-Harlaw War. She bore him 3 sons, Godfrey, Richard and Thomas. She died giving birth a fourth time, the child of which died during infancy.

Henri has a brother William

Henri de Bohm

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