Kallisto Gosteli

Son of János Gosteli, Baron of Bicezka


Sirag Janoshvilli Qozteluri (am: Kallisto Gosteli)
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Svalek
House: Gosteli
Notable Facts:

  • Grandson of Alfonso Gosteli
  • Born in Huslau of Familia Gosteli year 1074 to Anna Vettin, the second wife of János.
  • Married to Amelia Vettin, first daughter of Franco Vettin
  • Qataxar (Baron) of the town of Bicezka
  • Older brother Bagradat
  • Older sister Myranush
  • Older brother Piero (deceased)
  • Younger sister Clara

Born of János Gosteli, Kallisto displays classic Svalek features. He stands 6’ tall with a slim muscular build, light skin, and dark eyes. He has shoulder length black hair and an short beard, which (on a good day) is expertly groomed.

  • Troubled as a youngster by horrifying nightmares, supposedly perpetrated by a demon which also (Allegedly) caused the death of his closest brother, Piero, indirectly
  • Warded at age 12 to the Lusignan of Bressla
  • Educated in finance at the University of Bressla
  • Tutored in oud performance by Albert of Alsace

Book 1:
The Third Son of Pure Descent
Son of Janos Gosteli and Anna Vettin, a son of Svalek descent
Two older brothers: Bernardo and Piero
Called Oscio by his mother, ironically had bright purple flecks/streaks in his eyes

Inferno and Abyss
Nightmares of fire and darkness plagued Kallisto and his brother Piero (who often appeared in these dreams)

The Del Bove Treachery
The Del Bove hired the Durazzo to murder the Gosteli at a reunion banquet
set fire to the monestary in the bishopbrick of Aarau
Kallisto bravely rescued his brother Piero and sister Clara from the burning building
Uberto moved to Marapazoq

Into the Night
Alfonso, Kallisto’s grandfather dies of old age
Piero dies shortly afterward of infection, he was caught in a fire and badly burned in a freak accident

The Gods of our Fathers
Kallisto questions his faith. For the longest time he was a devout Nilhist, following his grandfather, mother, and uncle.
So much loss in so little time, he asks Janos what he believes, but never gets a clear answer. Kallisto suspects he is an Ovechist

Lord Neppos Taramara of Denzegk was a great friend of Janos
Strife hit in the free city of denzegk from the Lugus family, an incident that led to a series of events sparking the Marshlander Civil War

At the Hands of Lugus
Maria Lugus-Ceratis comes to Haslau and orders Janos to ward one of his sons to the Lusingnon of Bressla as a political prisoner
Kallisto eavesdrops on this conversation and understands the difficult but only option – He is the one to be warded.

My Friend, the Jailer
Kallisto makes it to Bressla, ward of the Lusignan family
Meets Marc de Lusignon and Stephanie de Lusignan, and befriends both of them
Kallisto, Marc, and their friend Falco form a group they call the Greys and secrets are their specialty.
Kallisto’s nightmares get worse and he is sent to Zeroll for spiritual exercision. The priest gives him medicine that dulls the nightmares and fades the streaks in his eyes.
Kallisto meets a man named Jacobi, royal spymaster of Draxis
Jacobi reaches out to Kallisto asking him to betray the Lusignan, and in return he will free Kallisto from his captors.

Out of Reach
Kallisto coordinates a trap for Joseph (lord) and Noel Lusignan to spring one of their expeditions, but makes sure Marc gets too sick to come on the trip.
Kallisto is taken by the slavers
Kallisto travels south through the reach to Svalos
During his trip with Arslan they encounter a large Korish warparty which splits the group.
Lost and alone in the woods, Kallisto is only able to regroup with one member of his original party, Gazbarhg.
By stealing and foraging, they scrape by and make their way further up into the mountains.
Kallisto begins to run out of his medicine

Home at Last
Fortunately they manage to brave the stormiest season and make it safely through the pass to Vachetaq — strengthening his belief in the Old Gods
Concerned about his medicine, the first stop Kallisto makes in the city is the Temple of the Snake where he meets Keeper Benczhe.
The keeper tells him about the medicine that he’s been taking — severence — and how its affecting him. He feels betrayed by his faith.
Kallisto temporarily enters the care of the Levraani family, lords of Vachetaq Issac and Jolan, Eva
Wife: Diamia, Concubine: Lia
Kallisto never passes up an opportunity to dance with his kinsmen, and eventually earns the nickname Serelskato (“marshlander”)
Having no money or resources other than the two slaves they found in the reach, Kallisto uses his financial skills to broker slave deals
With his ties in this market, he is invited by his patron ____ on a slave raid into Whitetree.
On the raid they make passage for many outcast Svaleks in the region, and Kallisto captures a high-born.
Kallisto Meets the Scribe Balash of Biakash and decides to travel with him to Karavko
Traveling to Uczherach, Kallisto meets Konrad of Uczherach and his son Kazimir on the road

Home at Last
Grey Fox
Oveczhka, My Brothers
Blood of the Heavens

Book 2:
A Shaky Reunion
Return to the Holy City
Shattered Expectations
Emerald Snakes
A Deadly Game
Family Reunion
A Plot of Artistic Proportions
Island Paradise
Father Knows Best
“Visiting Family”

Book 3:
Disastrous Denzegk Bethroal

Kallisto Gosteli

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