Leon Mercer

A Khorish huntsman and mercenary


“These scars? Of course I got them in the Nightlands, a normal forest couldn’t do this to me.”
Leon Mercer – On His Scars

Leon Mercer is of mixed Moqolese and Khorish descent. Leon stands at about 5’ 8", a well-built man he normally wears leather armor. He favors cloaks that blend in with the local fauna and goes as far as sewing patches of fur and lacquered plants to his cloaks to allow him to blend in. An expert huntsman he is never without a bow of some kind, though he normally carries a finely crafted Saracen bow. He keeps his hair cut short and since his first visit to Feros has kept a well trimmed short beard. Across his face are four scars going from his top right to his bottom left, its quite miraculous that scars somehow managed to miss both his eyes. If asked about them his common response is a shaving incident. His left arm is heavily tattooed with an arrow running down the inside of his forearm and a series of rings and dots around his upper arm. Each dot represents a kill he’s made, if it’s a red dot he regrets the kill. Of course if he counted all of his kills then he’s be covered in dots so he only counts human kills, and in his mind Neth and other ferals do not count as human.


Early Life

The son of Thomas Mercer and (Some dead Moqolese chick), Leon was raised by his father on a farm just outside of Korhold. Under the influence of his father and uncle he learned to farm and hunt in the woods behind his farm.

Military Service

When he was 17 he was drafted into the Khorish military as a militia archer. In training he distinguished himself by outshooting every man there and outfighting not only the archers but even besting some of the skirmishers. His first fighting experience was the battle of Grechtvald. On the way to the battle Leon took his heavy cloak and attached scraps of fur and lacquered plants, creating a camo cloak. When the Khorish forces were routed Leon attempted to keep the archers under his command together, instead of fleeing directly home Leon wisely led his men north. This way they avoided Neth ambushes. The weary band of 6(or 7) traveled north for many days, living off the land as they went. After trading what they had for some goods and healing at a Moqolese village they returned to Korhold through a treacherous mountain pass. Though cold and exhaustion harried them they never tarried nor slowed. They lost two men in the pass, one to the cold and the other to the rocks. But at the other end of the pass, danger waited. A band of creepy robbers(or a cult of evil douchebags) waited. Forwarned the intrepid band waited until nightfall to make their move. Silently they stole into the woods, but alas it was not that easy. Their enemy had night patrols who heard and stalked them, tired, hungry, and frustrated Leon ordered his men to split up and make a break for it. Leon took off north-west (copying his strategy with the Neth) and ran through the woods in the dark of the night. Eventually he faced off with one of the cultists and wounded him before running home. When he returned to Korhold he found that only one of his men had survived, a pikeman (and a coke-head) by the name of Anders. And to make matters worse the government only paid him 1/2 his wage since they couldn’t verify that he’d actually stayed for the battle (assholes).

Mercenary Adventures

After that he followed in his fathers footsteps and became a mercenary. He proved to be a skilled and honorable mercenary who brought a unique style to his jobs. Eventually he was hired by Sir Draven Easley (a most noble and honorable knight, who would never, ever do anything to violate his knightly vows.) to drive off a village of Neth. Instead of fighting them Leon brokered a deal between Sir Easley and some tribal nomads. He managed to convince the nomads to finish off the village for them and earned the nomads respect. After this Leon took several other jobs before he entered the Korhold Archery Contest. He managed a very respectable second, only being beaten by the Fish, an already renowned archer. He was then hired by Sir Easley again, this time to accompany him on a exploration into the mountains. Once again Leon trekked into the mountains though this time he was significantly better funded and prepared. This trek was long and arduous. The terrain and the locals were inhospitable but Leon’s talent for diplomacy showed itself again when he not only befriended a local tribe but also befriended the Wildmen who are know for domesticating ice wolves, large blue wolves who are much more intelligent then their grey brothers. After hijnks involving a large amount of drugs, poison, and a religious cult’s water supply the crew spent a night amongst the Wildmen and Leon traded his fine steel sword for a pair of ice wolf cubs, one male and one female. The female he gifted to Sir Easley and the male he kept and named Argos.

A Bewitching Witch

After this expedition Leon was plenty rich enough to spend the rest of his days as a quiet farmer but Sir Easley asked him to accompany him north. Sir Easley had been given land by his father but he needed some trustworthy soldiers to help him with some housecleaning. While they stopped in Tyrell Leon bought his distinctive tattoos. When he traveled north he was told that they were looking for a necromancer, in order to help them in their mission He, Anders, Sir Johnson the Real Knight, and Sir Easley were joined by a Inquisitor, the Inquisitor’s assistant, a monk, and another knight. When they traveled north they found a village just outside Sir Easley’s lands that was apparently near where the necromancer was. When the group arrived the villagers were nothing but helpful, in particular the chieftain’s daughter Lydia. With her help Leon and Sir Easley located the necromancers lair but found it empty and apparently abandoned. When they returned to the village they were treated with a feast. Leon and Lydia left early for a tryst (aww yeah!) in a backroom. However after some time passed Leon felt himself grow weary and fall asleep. When he awoke both he and the other members of his party were tied up in cages in the town center. Not only was the village planning on sacrificing them to their dark god, but Lydia was apparently the necromancer! Of course Leon is never without a plan. Early in their journey he had given the priest a knife, the villagers knew that monks did not normally carry weapons and so had not searched him as throughly as they had everyone else. With his knife the party was able to cut their bonds and cut open the cages. Sadly (not!) the Inquisitor served as a distraction as the whole village was focused on watching him being tortured on his own rack. The party was able to find some weapons and a plan was made. While the rest of the party attacked the cultists Leon snuck around behind the chieftain’s chair, he was a very old man and wouldn’t give much of fight but Lydia was standing next to him. When the rest of his group attacked Leon snuck up behind her and held a knife to her throat. The villagers and their village was left mostly intact. However they took Lydia, it turns out that although she was a mage she didn’t want to be a cult leader. And so when the party returned south they took Lydia with them.

Exploring Moqol

After they returned to Korhold Sir Easley took his leave, and Lydia told Leon that she had friends in the northern nation of Feros and wished to go there to continue her studying. Although Leon had developed feelings for this beautiful alchemist he knew that the mercenary life was not one she wanted and so he agreed to take her to Moq, a port on the east coast that she should be able to catch a boat to Feros from. On the way there they stopped in the city of Naronar where Leon’s mother’s family lived. He was able to track them down and learn of his grandfather’s mistreatment at the hands of Valon Ceratis. Seeing that Valon was at war with his brother Anton, Leon traveled to Anton’s keep at Burning Peaks to offer his services. After hearing his tale Anton offered Leon a job protecting his daughter Maven in a couple weeks. During this time Leon and Lydia traveled to Moq to get her a ride to Feros. While there Lydia recognized a Feric Thane of Clan Thomjarsson. At this pointed she decided to tell Leon that she had been betrothed to a Clan Thomjarsson General, but her father took her away, so she’s a wanted criminal by Clan Thomjarsson. Sadly the Thane saw her and he and he’s men gave chase through the streets of Moq. Eventually Leon takes up a position in an alley and lays out one of them before he’s surrounded. Just before a melee breaks out the Prince of Moq and his guardsmen appear. The Prince rules that this should be settled according to Faeric law, so Leon and the Thane must fight till one surrenders or dies. Leon has nothing but his longknife and cloak and the Thane has an axe and a shield. Throughout the fight Leon ridicules the Thane to the point that the Thane’s own men laugh at him. Finally after much shuffling and dodging Leon finally gashes the Thane’s arm and the Thane surrenders, to more ridicule. Because Leon knows the Thane won’t just give up after being humiliated, Leon and Lydia retreat back to Burning Peaks. Sadly the Thane managed to follow Leon back to Burning Peaks and gained an audience with Anton. The Thane convinced Anton to force Lydia to accompany them. In order to escape Lydia needed to commune with her god (Actually Deamon), Amon. But to do that Lydia required mountain flowers, a small viper, and a goat. So Leon went on a quest in the middle of the night to gather these items. The next morning the Thane bribed Leon into leaving them alone by buying him a nice green surcoat (which he wears on formal occasions to this day.). And so Lydia leaves with a contingent of Feric Guards and the Thane. And Leon goes hunting, for Ferics. After following them for a while Leon hears screams and sees flames from up ahead. As he rushes toward the disturbance he encounters a Feric soldier fleeing and kills him without a second glance. Going deeper into the woods he sees a fearful sight, a woman clad in a dress that is torn and burnt and wearing a red demon mask. She was also breathing fire. And so the Feric men were set upon on one side by a woman breathing fire, and on the other a Khorish archer. Obviously keeping Lydia around is going to be hard now so Leon gets her on a boat to Feros, she claimed to have friends there that would take care of her.

Escort Mission

Now Leon had a job, while at Burning Peaks he had been offered a job by Lord Anton. And so he returned to Burning Peaks, but found that Lord Anton had died. Fortunately Anton’s son, Gallius, still hired Leon for the same job. Leon was to guard Gallius sister, Maven, on her journey to Oltec where she would be married. Leon always wanted to go there. Before that he had to guard Maven while she attended some parties and other boring stuff. During this time Leon meet Vicentius Reyes, an Oltec courtier whom Leon assumed was a close friend of Maven’s. During this time Leon saved Maven and Lord Ramsay from assassins (earning his Saracen Bow) and gained Maven’s trust, enough that she revealed to him that she didn’t want this marriage and was contemplating murdering her brother. Eventually a Ceratis caravan set out for Oltec with Maven and Gallius both traveling with the caravan. Leon set out to assassinate Gallius with the help of Ramsay’s Home Brewed Super Toxic Tonic. By staging a fight between a knight and Vicentius, Leon was able to distract Gallius’s cook while Leon slips in some “special” spices. Later Gallius died, total coincidence. However the caravan as south enough that they needed to head further south to a port before catching a boat back. While waiting for a boat a group of men threatened the party, apparently Gallius’s friends aren’t very nice. So Leon and Maven spent a night in jail, for protection. While there Leon helped interrogate a crazy cannibal. Sadly when they caught the boat they had to go to Moqol via Ferros.

Ferric Hijinks

-Ignores job to meet up with Lydia.
-Love blossoms.
-Lydia and Iric need help being smuggled out of country.
-Vicientius screws up a simple job and all 3 get captured by Thomjersons.
-Leon has to track them down.
-Iric and Vicientius are dumped in the Nightlands
-Lydia is taken to her “betrothed”, a Thomjerson General who is killed by a mysterious cloaked figure with a single arrow from 100 yards away. Unrelated, Leon starts wearing a new brown cloak instead of his camp one.
-Lydia and Leon track down their friends and go on an adventure with the Battle Shack Hermit.
-Afterwards L&L return to Korhold despite Lydias reservations at living there.

Civil War

-Leon joins up with the Greenwood Stalkers, a mercenary irregular unit scouting for the Khorish Rebels.
-Leon intimidates local young thugs who were harassing Lydia as she looks amannian.
-Leon’s scout unit works with “bandits” to ambush and capture Ferric Nobles loyal to Amanne.
-The Incident… …RIP Johnson (+1 Red tear)
-War finishes, Flints become 3rd Noble house to offer Leon a position, He refuses.
-He takes all his stockpiled gold and Lydia helps him by land in Feros under Clan Solvang.


-Lydia is saved from her demon, but she loses some of her magical ability.
-He participates in occasional raiding to prove himself and ingrate with the Clan.
-He primarily hunts and sells furs as well as breeds and trains wolves.
-His children are rigorously trained in important skills by both of their parents, giving them a balance of martial, academic and general survival training.
-The Mercer line goes on to take over the world, 6 times. Then they got bored of being so badass and just hung out for a while.

Leon Mercer

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