Vicentius Reyes

Exiled Hirvonnen Noble


From Tirelle City Archives:
Born in Mackab, Reyes’ father fled when the Blooded of the Eagle were exiled by force. Trained as a glassblower and well educated, he found his way to the glorious city of Kha, in the Moqolese Imperium, and befriended Maven Ceratis. Soon thereafter he used his noble connections to get land in Mistwood, by marrying a Glover.

Vicentius was a practitioner of the dark arts, and he was attacked by the northern knight Sir Draven, who he murdered. Fearing for his life, Reyes tried to reconcile with the Easley family, but unable to do so, fled to Korhold, where he was tracked down by Khorish templars and put to death.

Vicentius Reyes

From Amanne AlbyFrechette