Story of Dagev, Prince of Svalos


“When the kralj dies, Athvaldes wails”
- Last words

Date Written: During the lifetime of Dagev
Style: Svalek Caligraphic Epic Prose
Language: Classical Svalek

The title translates to “Song of Dagev”. This epic poem was written by an anonymous scribe in the service of Dagev, as evidenced by the authors note: “Herein lies words of a foreigner in service of a great king, written in the language wrought by the dragons of Seval (Svalos) and passed to his majesty’s tounge”. It is said that the author was a magosi from Olvos. The book details Dagev’s life and upbringing, his education and his conquests until his death at the hands of Athvaldes, the golden wyrm. It concludes with notes on svalek caligraphy and the svalek-utheni wars commencing at the time of writing.



From Amanne Broccoli21