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  • János Gosteli

    h4. Early Years János Gosteli was born in the Brakenvald near Moq, the second child of Viscount Alfonso Gosteli II and his wife Petra in the year 1043. Alfonso was captured 2 years later at the [[Battle of Lyapov River]] by his sworn enemy [[House of …

  • Leon Mercer

    *Early Life*

    The son of Thomas Mercer and (Some dead Moqolese chick), Leon was raised by his father on a farm just outside of Korhold. Under the influence of his father and uncle he learned to farm and hunt in the woods behind his farm.

    * …

  • Juan de Palios

    Juan claims to be the illegitimate child of Baron de Palios, a landlord near Horn Hill. He is more educated than the average mercenary, having a knowledge of Amannean song, dance and poetry. Juan is a member of [[Compania Sinoisto | Compania Sinoisto …