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  • Maria Gosteli

    Myranush Janoshvili Qozteluri (am: Maria Gosteli) was born at the family estate in Haslau in February 1073, the second and last child of [[:catalina-visconti | Catalina Visconti]] and [[:janos-gosteli | János Gosteli]]. She was educated at Haslau by her …

  • Kallisto Gosteli

    *Dars-i-Xwarofran* (Vision of the Sunset/West) _All I’ve seen for days behind and days forth, blue sky and west earth, to the land of grey; black and white, where the sun dies and the moon bright._ _Come ho to the land of the dying eye, where …

  • Razmuhi

    * Born in Burning Peaks to an aristocratic family * Taken in a Moqolese raid, to Kha * Sold to Hovag, a Naronese merchant in Bunesta * 'Befriended' by Myranush and Kallisto Gosteli ** Subsequently bought by Kallisto