Tag: geography


  • Pale Maiden

    A large and largely peaceful river running from the Riverlands, where it splits off from the Black-Gold River to the Marshlands, where it empties into the bay of Nels' Landing, near Denzegk. On the way the river winds through the lands of the Hawthorne, …

  • coastlands

    A large portion of the North, the Coastlands were historically the least developed. However in the past century, the region has made extraordinary progress - and now rivals the Mistlands in wealth. The ancient [[house-locke | House of Locke]], seated in …

  • White Mountains Province

    The part of [[Lands of Everwinter | Everwinter]] belonging to Amanne, largely populated by [[Dragonmen]]. Capital is Hef'Lek, named after the imposing beast that is said to roam Everwinter's wastes.

  • Wyrmlands

    The far north of [[Lands of Everwinter | Everwinter]] is a mountain range, called the Northcrest. This land belongs to Faeros, but is uninhabited.