Amannean War of Succession

Decade-long war that ultimately collapsed the Claudius Hegemony over the North. Originally a dispute internal to the House of Claudius and between two of its branches, it intensified into a Kingdom-wide conflict between the two Claudius cousins, as well as the rebellious Houses of Locke and Hart. This took place simultaneously to the Faeric Conquest of Tirelle, Draxis Conquest of The Reach, and the ending of the Blackwood Rebellion.

The war took the already weak Amanne (who had just lost Mistwood and Korhold), and collapsed it into many smaller states (most of which are part of just 3 or 4 alliances)

Places of Conflict:

  • Riverlands and Raveau: R.Claudius v. Hart+Manning v. Hawthorne+Claudius
  • Coastlands: Manning v. Locke+Brandywine v. Claudius
  • Greypeaks: Mistlands v. Claudius


  • R. Claudius splits away, N. Claudius ends, E. Claudius takes its place (not universally accepted)
  • Amannean Control over Riverlands collapses, House Hart claims to be the legitimate Successor State
  • Riverlands divided amongst Hart, Hawthorne, Manning and Penrose
  • Locke and Brandywine unite, and gain sovereignty
  • Amanne loses the reachlands war with Draxis; Reach split by Moqol, Korhold, Bressla and Alwyn.
  • Uth barbarians reverse recent advances made by Amanne
  • Tirelle conquered by Faerics
  • Wyrmlands conquered by Lleki Dragonmen

Amannean War of Succession

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