Conquest of The Reach

Date: 1073-present
Location: Svalos, The Reach

  • Khorish War of Independence
  • Imperial Moqolese ‘de jure’ claim on The Reach, via Svalos


  • Balkanization of The Reach and northern Svalos
  • Inconclusive

Territorial Changes:

  • Draxis de-facto ruler of The Reach
  • House Claudius of the Reach in hiding in the Riverlands
  • House Lusignan vassalizes pro-northern reachlords
  • Korhold regains de jure land in the western Reach

Major Belligerents:

House Draxis House Claudius of the Reach House Flint House Sylle
House Jacobi House Imbert and Lusignan House Calcester
Moqol Various Riverland Houses House Freeman

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Conquest of The Reach

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