Court of Zeroll

“Diamonds, garnets and amethysts may stud his clothing and jewelry, but the holy crown of Brendan has naught but zerolian rubies on its circumference. Such is the obsession these people have with the red stone.”
- Cristof Ramsay on his visit to the Lugus court

“A thousand banners under the Ruby Hall. We are become as one, servants of Nels’ memory.”
- Brenden, from the “Brendenburgh Chronicle”

When Lucius Pontreas siezed power in the Marshlander Civil War, the court structure did not change significantly. Most ministers and governors kept their posts, with the exception of those with blood relations to Anthony Lugus. Prior to these events however, the Marshlands had a complex bureaucratic system, owing mainly to its high population of wealthy landowners and merchants.

Royal Titles

Clerical and Monastic Offices

  • Occupant of the Chair of Brendan (Lord Occupant): Unfilled
  • High Justice of Zeroll: Bianco Orisini
  • Grand Master of the Citadel: Content Not Found: rodrigo-manning
  • Attendant to the Treasury:
  • Attendant to the Civic Affairs:
  • Attendant to Templaric Affairs:
  • Attendant to Communal Affairs:
  • Keeper of the Holy Archives:
  • Attendants of the Chair

Lordly Legal and Judiciary Posts:

  • High Justiciar of Greater Zerolia: Nikos Beltane d’Ceres
  • Lord Coroner of Greater Zerolia:
  • Lord Serjeant at Civic Law:
  • Lord Serjeant at High Law: Yarsenvk of Kha
  • Master of Heraldry:
  • Justiciar of Internal Affairs:
  • Lord Serjeant of Surveys:
  • Lord Serjeant of International Affairs: Leonardo Pontreas d’Ceres

Lordly Military Posts

High Government Offices

  • Lord Chancellor of Zeroll:
  • Lord Treasurer of Zeroll:
  • Lord Chancellor of the Exchequer in Zeroll:
  • Master of Trade:
  • Master of Mints:
  • Master of the Harbor:
  • Minister of Guilds:
  • Minister of Agriculture:
  • Minister of internal revenues:
  • Minister of Infrastructure:
  • Minister of Masonry:

Archducal Household

  • Lord Steward:
  • Lord Chamberlain:
  • Constable of the Archducal House:
  • Master of scribes:
  • Master of hunts:
  • Keeper of the Archducal wardrobe:

Court of Zeroll

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