Here we list all cultures of the known world. These are basically the same as regions, but the familiarities between them are important to note. In general a character must have cultural familiarity with the culture he grew up in. Within these groupings there are still various regions, tribes or sub-cultures which are significant.

We choose to not include cultures completely foreign to the continent such as Oltec and Salanese, and ‘uncivilized’ peoples such as Neth, Scorpionmen, Wildmen, and Brakenvali/Iverekoi.

Each culture below has a cultural lens (up to 15 pts) associated with it, in addition to cultural familiarity. Ethnicities other than Norlander will often have an ethnic lens as well, regardless of culture.

Useful other articles are Regions, Religions and Nations

Culture Group Major Regions Religions Languages Notes
Northman Amannean Northlands, Coastlands, Wyrmlands Nylenry Amannean Strong Regional Variations
Dragonman Amannean Everwinter, White Mountains Paganism Draketongue (‘Araithinraig’)
Riverlander Amannean Riverlands, Raveau, The Reach Simonism, Nylenry Amannean, Halwynnysh, Demetysh
Marshlander Amannean Zerolia Brendenism, Nylenry Marshlander Amannean Mechera Influences
Bresslain Khorish The Reach Nylenry Bresslain, Old Amannean Khorish-Mistlander Fusion, later influenced by Northmen
Khorish Khorish Korhold, Greenvale, The Reach, Whitetree Nylenry, Paganism Khorish, Amannean
Faeric Faeric Faeric Isles Paganism Faeric
Mistlander Faeric Mistlands, Greypeaks, Cervi Iconoclasm, Phyristism, Nylenry Mistlander
Phyrran Phyrran Stoneman Isle Iconoclasm, Phyristism Phyrran Isolated but Influential
Uth Utheli Raveau, Rutnos, Czerakos, Qelvarsha Paganism, Tsaghako Mechera, Rut, Czer, Uth Includes Uth, Czerekoi and Rutherci
Anthorieli Culture Qelvar Red Plains Anthorieli Cult, Og-Qelvi Qelvari Isolated Culture
Imperial Culture Moqolese Moq Anthorieli, Black Coast Mechera Haddism, Anthorieli Cult Imperial Moqolese Fusion Culture
Mechera Moqolese Nythian Isles, coasts of Serelske, Neck and Black Coast Mechera Haddism, Tsaghako Mechera dialects, Imperial, Amannean
Magosi Tarsan Olvara, Gold Coast Magosi Haddism, Iztiafism Magosi The endonym is ‘Tarsan’
Belkan Tarsan Belk, Southern Hills Belkan Haddism, Sukal’Et Belkan
Oscotian Oscotian Oscotia Belkan Haddism, Paganism Oscotian
Prenshi Tarsan Prensha Magosi Haddism, Paganism Prenshi, Magosi, Naronese
Svalek Ovech Svalos, Serelskan Enclaves Ovechzism Svalek Language
Naronese Ovech Naronar, Yahara Ovechzism, Magosi Haddism Naronese , Yahari
Qarach Ovech Whitetree, The Reach Ovechzism , Brendenism Qarachi Dialects Remnants of Reachlander/Marshlander Ovech


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