del Bove


Age: 267 years
Ancestral Dynasty: Hart
Rank: Countly House
Ethnicity: Riverlander-Marshlander
Seat: Rinti

Prominent Holdings:

  • County of Rintos: Rinti, New Limmont and Majara
  • County of Haslau: Zirc

Flag: Argent, Sanguine Rose
Words: “Unyielding, Unbroken”
Notable People:

  • Franco II del Bove, former patriarch. Killed by Bernardo Gosteli.
  • Charles del Bove, Salomon’s younger brother, baron of New Limont
  • Ysabel del Bove, widow of Franco, unmarried.
    • Issue: Andreuccio (Andre), Nicoloso, Teodesia, Napo, Serafino, Loisia
  • Salomon del Bove, Patriarch and Count of Rinti, brother of Franco
    • Issue by Zuana Durazzo: Paulo and Agnes
  • Savia le Blanche, younger sister of Salomon, countess of Masodario
  • Dorotea del Bove, elder sister of Franco, baroness of Izil
  • Livio of Blackwood, Mistlander knight and husband of Dorotea, Baron of Izil
  • Aureo del Bove, son of Livio and Dorotea

Recent History

  • Be us, Del Bove badasses, Hart masterrace with a marshlander twist
  • Utterly Rekt the Gosteli-Visconti-Canossa alliance with Durazzobros
  • Fuck them over politically too; almost get away with it but they bitch to their moqolese sugardaddies
  • Franco is a scrub, dies to fucking Dato Gosteli
  • Pontreas and Co. start some shit; try to maintain law and order but eventually lose
  • RIP Lugus
  • Salomon is better anyways, shit gets rebuilt and we’re back to fucking blacottes over and making bank.
  • Tons of great marriages end up working out, thanks to riverlander dosh (shoutout to homies in Hart). The old Durazzo-Del Bove gang is back!
  • Pontreas isn’t so bad a guy; after a few drinks and some well-thought-out gifts, he’s like family
  • Cruise down to Tamos to find some blacotte whores, they didn’t disappoint.
  • Invite Durazzo over for the fun, they don’t make a scene but join in on the down-low
  • Leave a Blaccote named Bagrat in charge, he’s willing to share his lands, his gold, his wife, what a bro.
  • He’s a bro, but a stupid one. The idiot loses Tamos. Never trust a blaccote.
  • Durazzo gets drunk and decides that Pontreas should fuck off. No worries buddy, we have you covered this time.

del Bove

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