Inhuman Beings

Non-humans are classified into Demons, Demonspawn, Fey and Beastmen.

Demons and their Spawn

Demons are beings from the outer spheres. They can, but generally do not manifest physically, preferring to take the body of a mortal host. Demons range from tricksters to murderers, but are never without evil intent of some form. They seek to corrupt mortals into selling their souls, and sometimes attempt to take a soul forcefully. The silver flame clergy are highly trained in fighting and repelling demons.

Demonspawn are born with supernatural abilities, and are almost always gifted in the dark arts. One with demonic ancestry further back than parents is called a demonblooded. They typically serve demons, and are more handsome, quick and strong than a normal man. A clergyman is trained in finding demonspawn, but the layman will find them hard to spot, as they often sport a silver tongue. It is said that the Moqolese had breeding rituals to create demonspawn, and that the incredible strength and speed of ancient Moqolese warriors derives from demonbloodedness. The Naronese and Svalek nobility exhibit these traits most heavily in the modern day. Haddic priests are sometimes demonblooded.


Races of primitive beings that have plagued man since the dawn of time. It is speculated that Tralek created them in secret, eager to surpass his brothers’ creations. They are few in number, but even one can sometimes prove a challenge to kill. There are hundreds of varieties documented by historians, with the Gol and Hef being the most prominent.

The Gol/Gul/Ghol (aka Trolls): Standing over 5 feet tall even when hunched over (as they usually are), the Gol are a barbaric race of humanoids that hail from the the dragons’ crest mountains (in the language of the locals “der Golen”), especially the Reach. Training every member for battle from birth, a Gol tribe will wander the mountains, searching for other tribes to destroy and pillage. They rarely come back down to the foothills. The gol breed very slowly and have long lifespans. A tribe is almost never larger than 2 dozen.

The Hef: In land of Everwinter as well as the high Dragoncrest, far too cold for most men come stories of the Hef. The men of Ralan and Mistwood are especially wary of the Hef, and when winter sets in, the Hef wander into human villages to feed and kidnap. Over 9 feet tall and covered in white fur over black skin, the Hef stand upright. A long mane shrouds a feral head with the predatory muzzle of a wolf or bear. They have human-like hands that end in thick black claws, capable of shredding leather armor and piercing steel. They are also intelligent enough to make an assortment of tools, as they are often armed with axes and spears, and clothed in human or animal hides. It is speculated that the Hef do not have females, as they can reproduce with human women. They are clever hunters, waiting in ambush and setting traps on the ground.


Little is known about the Fey, but they include giants, dryads, nymphs, goblins and the elves. Said to inhabit only the most ancient forests, the Fey are both romanticized and feared. The elves refuse to give the location of their homeland, but are obviously a technologically advanced race, with large warships and trade vessels. Dryads and nymphs have been sighted in the Misty Forests and coastlander forests. Goblins are common in the riverlands and are eternal foes of the central Amannean barbarians. Giants lived in present-day Belk and were exterminated by Neth tribes before the Mokhi arrived.


Supposedly created by Tralek in his death, wyverns are powerful beasts capable of flight, favoring high mountains and rocky caves. They have been exterminated long ago in Amanne through a vigorous hunting campaign by King Connor the One-Eyed. Records still remain of their physiology. Wyverns are large flying lizard-like creatures with wings instead of front legs. They walk clumsily on their wings, and can hover in flight. They are heavily armored with smooth scales, and their feet are tipped with razor-sharp talons. Wyverns are highly intelligent, and the oldest ones can cast spells and often consort with demons.

Inhuman Beings

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