List of Languages

“But, oh! when separation came,
More brightly glow’d his ardent flame;
—He wander’d wild through lane and street,
With frantic step, as if to meet
Something which still his search defied,
Reckless of all that might betide.

His bosom heaved with groans and sighs,
Tears ever gushing from his eyes;
And still he struggled to conceal
The anguish he was doom’d to feel;
And, madden’d with excessive grief,
In the lone desert sought relief."

Here for the players’ convenience, we list the languages of the known world, and the families they belong to.

Some House Rules

Native proficiency in a language gives accented proficiency in all dialects, same with Accented→Basic. If needed, we’ll use the ‘Gift of Languages’ alternate rules. 1 extra point is needed for A→N (v) in languages with unfamiliar sounds (e.g. Faeric→Khorish). Learning to read a script at a very basic level takes 1 extra point for certain, complex Scripts. Learning a new script is 2 points for (B),(A) speakers of a language using that script.

Lingua Franca

There are some ‘creole’ languages which are used for trade, or daily speech in multicultural areas, namely Black Coast/Serelskan, Reachlander, Wyrmcrest, and Red Plains ‘languages’ – proficiency in these comes with knowledge of one or more local languages, plus cultural familiarity. However, speaking in one of these languages, always counts as (B).

The Languages

  • Faeric Languages:
    • Faeric
      • Wyrmlander
    • Netralan
    • Old Mistlander (dead)
      • Norton Dialect
    • Mistlander
      • Bresslain
      • Phyrran
      • Galanian
  • Northern (Dragonman) Languages:
    • Amannean
      • Khorish
      • Riverlander
      • Marshlander
    • Old Amannean
    • Draketongue
      • Halwynnysh
      • Branwynnysh
      • Agrettysh
      • Rivieran Tribal Dialects
  • Korlenni (dead, unclassified)
  • Black Coast Languages:
    • Imperial Moqolese
      • Court Moqolese (Tegis)
      • Ortos (Administrative Language)
      • Koinos (Common)
    • Standard Mechera
      • Marshlander Mechera
      • Eleusyan
      • Pavoderani
  • Moqolese (Red Plains) Languages
    • Anthorieli (‘True’ Moqolese) – distantly related to elven?
      • Tribal Dialects
    • Breqenvaldi
      • Qurtabaghi
      • Xurashyani
    • Praqanari (Southern Hills Moqolese)
    • Yahari (‘Gold-Banner’ Moqolese)
    • Czer
  • Utheli Languages
    • Rutherci
    • Utheli
    • Shuci
  • Ovech Languages
    • Old Ovech
      • Old Svalek
      • Ulus-Tar (Wildmen Svalek Dialects)
      • Yaraberdi (Archonate-Era Svalek – Dead)
    • Svalek (also known as Svalagreli Ovech)
      • Abshuri (Srivli Dialect) = ‘Standard’ Modern Svalek
      • Highlander Dialects
      • Czitaz (Sylle Dialect)
    • Lowlander Languages
      • Zhketuri
      • Uzeri
      • Braqenuri (Dead)
      • Dialects of the Neck (Dashtaverd)
      • Ohanshentsi (Moqolese: Ohenseni) (Dead after Xuraghani)
    • Naronese
      • Prenshi
      • Yahari Ovech
    • Qarach (Reachlands/Marshlands Svalek)
      • Varazhiani (Whitetree Svalek)
      • Qarajur (Serelskan Dialect)
      • Barghvashaxwan (Barghashan)/Classical Qarach (Dead)
  • Olvaran Langauges
    • Vulgar Magosi
    • Belkan
      • Ulutaxran (related to Old Ovech?)
    • Tarso-Moqolese (Old Imperial)
    • Oscotian
  • Tarsan Languages
    • Magosi
      • Gold Coast Dialect (Ur-bav-xeran)
      • High Magosi
      • Archonate-Period Dialect (Old Magosi)
    • Classical Tarsan
      • Archonate-Period Court Tarsan
      • Syashurxari (Ovechi-Tarsan/Old Naronese)
    • Cherkulu (Old Belkan – dead)
    • True Tarsan
  • Oltec Languages
    • Trade Oltec
    • Speech of the White Lands
  • Salanese (unclassified)
  • Languages of Non-Humans:
    • Elven
    • Hef’gari (of Hef)
    • Ghura’gari (of Gurash)

List of Languages

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