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“OH, heavy hearted is the wanderer
In foreign lands, who hath his country left!
In gazing on the fever of his heart,
Even the rocks with sorrow would be cleft.

When you on any man would call a curse,
Say, “Be a wanderer from your native land!
And may your pillow be the mountain side,
And may you sleep at night upon the sand!

And, when you think upon your fatherland,
May you from head to foot be full of pains!
My heart is a cracked vase; in vain I pour
Water therein; unfilled it still remains.

Each bird of heaven hath its companion found,
I am alone and solitary still;
Each stone is fixed and quiet in its place;
I roll forevermore by vale and hill."


The site is divided into sections for convenience. A list of NPCs associated with a particular faction will be located on that faction’s page. Otherwise a global NPC list is under the characters tab.


World Information

General Geography
Index of Geography
List of Regions
Index of Cities and Settlements
Amannean Culture
Svalek Culture
List of Languages
Writing Systems and Scripts
Scholarship and Philosophy
Historical Overview
Nature and Wildlife
Timeline: Marshlands
Culture Reference Guide
Calendars and Astronomy

Living in Amanne

Amannean Culture
Amanne and Religion
Festivals and Holidays
Laws, Crime and Punishment

Society and Power in Amanne

Household Staff
General Faction Listing
States and Empires

Houses and Dynasties

Houses of the North
Free Cities of Zerolia
Houses of Moqol
Oltecan Governance
Dynasties of the Olteca
Clans of the Faeric Isles
Dragonmen Clans

Magic and the Supernatural

Inhuman Beings
Common Terms for the Supernatural
Ars Magika Vol 1-2

Campaign-Specific Information

Here is information pertaining to the current PCs:

Marshlands Information

Party-Specific Information

Main Page

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