Open questions (really, really outdated)

  • What does Anisari want from the Gosteli?
  • Who made an attempt on Uberto’s life?
  • Who will recieve Roberto Gosteli’s land?
  • What went on with Piero?
  • Why are the Vettins angry with Janos?
  • How can the Gosteli gain rights to arms?
  • Is it worth the cost to keep the Black Brothers in pay?
  • How can the Gosteli ensure that none of their enemies are
    elected high priest?
  • Can profit be made from the new feud between Laira and Sanudo?
  • Was it wise to marry Maria to the Anjora?
  • Whats going on with the Reach?

Things to do:

  • Establish restaurant in Denzegk
  • Free Abdul al Paddil’s cousin/brother
  • Convince Uberto to vote for Metzoses Barbarossa
  • Perform raids in Albrete lands under the guise of the Durazzo
  • Answer the above questions…
  • Work with Bernardo to gain control over the southern Pale Maiden
  • Find a way to pay for the wedding
  • Talk to Uberto about using Church funds for the wedding
  • Work with Maria to plan the wedding
  • Deal with the inheritance problem, perhaps talk to Barbarossa.
  • Help eliminate the Oberon Prince with Peter Orisini, or not…
  • Keep in contact with the Lusignans
  • Work at making contacts in the mercantile guild
  • Talk to Salieri about jobs
  • Investigate the Bel-Thazzar Conclave in Zeroll
  • Find spouses for Kallisto and Clara
  • Plot to ensure a useful High Priest of the Marshlands is elected
  • Find a safer way to travel to Zeroll, or deal with the bandits
  • Find out whats going on in Svalos
  • Scholarly things: learn about the eastern star, Revis, the bel-thazzar,
    magic, religion, the oltec, and more.
  • Study music


From Amanne Broccoli21