Seat of the Vettin and Capital of the Petzchau Protectorate (a duchy in the marshlands), Petzchau is one of the ancient cities in the marshlands, built by Red Men (Ovech) long ago. Today, it is a center of commerce and learning, and is one of the only marshlands cities to have a majority Svalek-speaking population, with over 80% of the native Svaleks practicing Ovechism.

During the conquest of Nels, Petzchau was largely ignored due to its positioning in the Surkhondara (Turxondarya/Greypeak) mountains. With the destruction of the Serelskan (Kingdom of the Red Men) capital, Adhanqaro, Petzchau became the cultural center of the marshlander Ovech. Over the next 9 decades, the marshalnder Ovech would be driven from their lands and only Petzchau and its surroundings would remain, protected by zealous Adhki.

The Dragonman Intermezzo was the worst period for the region. While tributaries to the Dragonmen, the now Nylist Riverlander and Halwynnish tribes would make constant raids and conquests in the region. The growing power of marshlander families and mistlandized mechera crusaders resulted in the widespread destruction of the southwestern lands. This ‘harvesting of the pale maiden’ allowed for many riverlander families to settle in the river valley north of Denzegk. In the urban areas where Riverlander elites settled, the Ovech were segregated into slums ‘blaccotowns’, which were largely purged during the early Claudius period, and required (as they are today) to wear off-white tunics without daggers. The result was the decline of the temples and social elite, and the majority of the Ovech marshlanders retreating to live solitary lives in the hills and forests.

However, the Vettin were able to ally with the emerging Lugus dynasty, who would largely halt the persecutions – the ‘Protectorate’ is the region designated in which Nylist religious law is not practiced, to protect the Ovech. They encouraged the building of many marshlander and riverlander settlements in the area, which were previously difficult to set up in the hostile environment.

It was this supposedly “Ovechiphile” policy which started the Vettin-Anjora wars, in which the western third of the Protectorate was lost.

Today, Petzchau is the third richest city in the Archduchy.


From Amanne Broccoli21