“Surrounded by bloodthirsty dzugavare and maratoqi, traitorous Khorish, and dubious allies such as Tarsans; Svalos survives through the will of its people, and the protection of its mountains. The rest of the Ovech empire however, was not so lucky”
- Vasil of Ovtalabeg

Svalos is a kralate (kingdom) in western Moqol, and is a vassal state to the Empire. However it has enjoyed a high degree of autonomy in the past, due to its location. The current kings of Svalos descent from the Sylle family, who trace their lineage to the age of heroes.


History and Culture

Its history is the oldest recorded in the dragoncrest, in a language known as Old Svalek. The oral traditions go back earlier, and scholars are not quite sure when the famous Dagev lived. Nonetheless, the golden Serpent-God the hero faces in the Dagevenlied has become a national symbol, along with the holy Ovtendurra (see above picture), on which perches a great temple and fortress. Svalek Culture is ancient, but quite alien to northerners. See that article for details. Svalek and Naronese people have an indigenous religion known as Ovechzism.


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