“In the court of the Moqolese Emperor, one thousand flags of his territories and vassals can be seen”
- Trevor of Blackrock, diplomat to Moqol in March 893

Symbols of all sorts are used to identify political, social and religious factions. Here we give a guide to the more important ones. Flags of states, factions, houses, cities and individuals are located on the pages pertaining to them.

Major Themes

Amanne has traditionally been associated with the colors blue and white. The flag of Nels was blue with a white circle. The Elk was associated to the north before the time of Nels, and is the symbol of the city of Ralan. The silver flame uses a white torch on blue as its emblem, and silver-plated torch sculptures are common decorations in temples. A flaming silver sword is a variation of this. Southern churches use the ruby as a symbol, dating back to the time of Brendan. A crimson sword with a silver flame for example, was the symbol of the First Brendenburgh State. Zeroll has always been associated with the color purple. Prior to the Exalted March, Serelske used a red lion on purple as its flag.

Moqol has traditionally been associated with the color red, and early moqolese flags were just red banners. The ancient symbol of Moqol is a triangle of three black dots. A black triangle is a common variation, and is the emblem of the city of Moq. The imperial seal is two equilateral triangles side by side, like a sideways hourglass. Variations on this theme are common in vassals to the empire. The Mechera (imperial) people are associated with the tiger.

Other Nations

Mistwood has always been associated with a burgundy, two-headed eagle. The glover dynasty uses a burgundy hand. Both use grey backgrounds. The white flowers of the clover are a symbol of the mistlanders, and Phyrra takes its emblem as a clover leaf.

Korhold has traditionally been associated with the olive (the plant and the color), and the brown bear.

The seal of the Ovech (Red Men) was two dragons curled around one another, one silver, one gold. This symbol is seen on the Moqolese Empire’s seal – representing the kralates of Svalos and Naronar.

Svalos has always been associated with gold, silver and black. The silver crescent, and gold circles or triskelions are all symbols associated with the Ovech people. The Sylles use a blue flag with a black axe and white crescent moon. The reachlander svalek use a blue wolf inside a gold circle, on black.

Naronar’s flag historically was a gold sun on black. The symbol of Ceratis is the griffon, and a gold griffon on red is the usual representation. The seal of Naronar features a griffon eating a man.

Belk has a complicated past, but has typically been associated with the color yellow, and the fox.

The Tarsans used a banner of saffron with a white triangle.

The Magosi and Olvos have always taken the color saffron (orange). A black hawk is the archonic symbol, as is the saffron flower. Kha is symbolized by two dolphins.

The Oltec flag is yellow with black words. In Moqol and Amanne, yellow is seen as an improper color for heraldry.

Faeros has always taken a black wolf on white as their flag.


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