Age: 154 years
Ancestral Dynasty: Halraavi
Rank: Countly Familia
Ethnicity: Lowlander Svalek
Alternative Names: Vashirishvili
Seat: Paulto

Prominent Holdings:

Flag: Vert, Blanc Lotus Flower
Words: “From the Source it Flows”

Main Branch (descdendents of Vardagur):

  • Arushid Visconti, son of Vardagur and Tsisaranush, princess of Halraav.
  • Koharanush of Nythia, wife of Arushid. Issue:
  • Catalina (Katavan) of Haslau
  • Sevag, cousin to Arushid Issue with Lazia of Gil:
    • Yeraz (deceased)
    • Vosgan (deceased)

Other Members:

  • Raklo
  • Mardag, Anushgila, Nazeli: Ruling Tamos
  • Vazha Kaspeturi, a Levraani granted title of Chancellor


Daqauri and Gilani Ovech settlements have dotted the mountainous neck and southern marshlands since antiquity. Among the Daqauri nobility are the house of Shoxrani, of the dynasty Halraav, who settled the neck in the age of legends. They had always been known for their heavy infantry and their connection to Zhketan nobility during Archonic times, but towards the end of the Archonate, produced a series of powerful Naxarars who controlled the majority of the Neck and southern Serelske.

The Visconti attained their current status during the Moqolese conquest of the Black Coast, when Vatche Halraavi was given command of the northern armies of the Anthorieli, where he later rose to be the first non-moqolese "Goshunbashi " (Great General). He settled his family in the old Shoxrani city of Paulto, now ruined, where they took advantage of the chaos caused by the recent northern invasion to re-establish themselves as protectors of the local Ovech population. The dynasty is named after Vashirameh, Vatche’s mother.

By strengthening connections with the then-Haddist Mechera elite, the Visconti survived the Nylification of the proceeding decades, though their influence has waned in the ascendancy of Mechizta houses (Lugus, Pontreas, Barbarossa, etc.). During the second Moqolese war, the Visconti aided their old Anthorieli allies and were granted boons during the occupation. However, this cost them the trust of the Lugus, who stripped the majority of the lands away after Zeroll was reclaimed. It is only the proximity of Nornberk and the fear of Anthoriel intervention that prevented the Lugus from finishing off the house.

The Visconti are traditional allies with the nearby Gosteli – who are also Halraavi, but relations would deteriorate after the latter’s conversion. They remain more-or-less an extension of their branch south of the border in Daqaur-Gil.

During the reign of Pontreas, the Visconti have largely fallen out of favor, and the Archduke has done nothing to prevent the attack on Tamos by the del Bove.


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