Constancia of Ralan

Archduchess of Zeroll, Princess of Hart


“The Mechera call her ‘Xene’, as she refused to speak in the local [mixed] language, preferring the Book-Serulli language she was tutored in. However, the people praise her charity and pleasant nature”
- Eckart of Tirelle

Constancia Hart
Age: 19
Ethnicity: Raveauian-Nortonian
House: Hart
Notable Facts:

  • Child of Olivia of Norton and Ragno-Francois of Molaix (Molax du Hart).
  • Siblings with John Glover II, Guiscard Hart, and Melisende of Brandywine.
  • With her brother Guiscard, tutored and lived in the Ralanean court.
    • All her siblings hold or are married to Dukes or above.
  • Chosen by Lucius Pontreas over his choices in the local bride showing.
  • Supporter of the Iconoclast movement, anathema to her Cuithbertian siblings. Has invited Iconoclast scholars to the Marshlands for asylum.
  • As regent during Guiscard’s campaigns, abolished the Simonist Sanglieterran Brotherhood, seizing their wealth.

Constancia of Ralan

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