Kallisto "Oscio" Gosteli

Son of János Gosteli, Financial graduate from the University of Bressla


Age: 20
Ethnicity: Svalek
House: Gosteli

Born of János Gosteli, Kallisto looks the part. Standing 6’ tall, he displays classically defined Svalek features: slim, muscular build, light skin, and dark eyes (for which his mother gave him the nickname “Oscio”). He has shoulder length black hair and surprisingly masculine features for his young age. One distinguishing feature that Kallisto shared with his late brother, Piero, are purple flecks or streaks in his eyes. Some say this is the sign of one “born of fire”. The validity of this claim remains ambiguous. These streaks have faded since the clergy of Zeroll “exorcised the demon” and prescribed Kallisto medication. Since then Kallisto has yet to be disturbed by his nightmares (or any dreams for that matter).


Notable Facts:

  • Grandson of Alfonso Gosteli
  • Born in Huslau of Familia Gosteli year 1075 to Anna Vettin, the second wife of János.
  • Nicknamed Oscio for his unique purple-streaked eyes
  • Troubled as a youngster by horrifying nightmares, supposedly perpetrated by a demon which also (Allegedly) caused the death of his closest brother, Piero, indirectly
  • Warded at age 14 to the Lusignan of Bressla
  • Educated in finance at the University of Bressla
  • Tutored in oud performance by Albert of Alsace

I was born September 22th, 1075, the third son of János Gosteli (after Bernardo Gosteli and Maria Gosteli) and the second son (after Piero Gosteli) of his second wife, Anna Vettin. My father always stressed the importance of education and I took a liking to mathematics, astronomy, and natural philosophy.

My grandfather Alfonso Gosteli was a great man. He taught me to treat others with respect and showed me the rewarding nature of the arts. He always spoke about the city of Bressla, a place where the only things more beautiful than the maidens were the songs sung about them. He taught me how to speak Bresslain and introduced me to my Bresslain music tutor and friend, Albert of Asace. He taught me how to play the oud and compose in the Bresslain style, write poetry and prose.

I was very fond of my closest brother Piero, I’d say he was my… mischievous counterpart. Although I was never as much a trickster as he, I tended to add clever twists of my own and could hold my ground in our “operations”. We would terrorize Maria and play practical jokes on Bernardo constantly. Once Piero suggested that we strap a rotten fish to the inside of Bernardo’s shield. I convinced Piero instead that we obtain a live fish from the market for the job. His reaction was priceless.

Piero and I shared something else – our eyes. Our eyes were very dark (almost black) with subtle veins of bright purple in the iris. Although beautiful and mysterious, these features seemed to be connected to horrifying nightmares of raging inferno and chilling abyss.
Night after night I was troubled by these frightful visions of death, destruction, and loneliness.

Just before the Marshlander civil war, I was present at a family reunion in Huslau Major, and house Del Bove and Durazzo were the uninvited guests. They attacked my family, my uncle Uberto Gosteli was wounded, Peter and Isabelle Cannossa were tragically murdered along with many priests including Reginald Cannossa. In the ensuing confusion I experienced a very odd sense of déja vu. My surroundings were that of a previous dream. Terrified of this realization I ran to the nearby monastery that was on fire, remembering that Piero and Clara were trapped inside. I was scared to go in that building. The flames were so hot and bright, like a living nightmare. I pushed passed my fears. When I found my brother his clothes were on fire and he was badly burned. Clara was in the next room trapped under a smoldering ceiling beam. I quickly threw off my cloak onto my brother to extinguish him, but the beam that Clara was underneath was too heavy and hot to move. I grabbed a board and shoved it under the beam as a lever. I don’t know how, but we all exited the house safely with the help of one of the preists there. I thank the divines that my sister is still alive today because of my efforts.

After that my father left to seek aid from the Vettin. They had the right to bear arms, and we didn’t have any military forces at the time. My father was a great military leader, and the Vettin trusted him…

“That night Maria Lugas-Cerratis visited privately with my father. I knew there would be some kind of negotiation and I knew it would unfortunately involve me. So I listened in. I was to be a ward. I knew my father didn’t have a choice, but that doesn’t make it any easier. My brother and closest friend had just died, but they could care less. If one good thing came out of this, I was able to choose to go to Bressla for the time I was to be warded.

I could go on and on about Bressla. It really is as beautiful a city as they say it is. I was warded to the Lusignan where I met Marc de Lusignan and his lovely sister Stephanie de Lusignan. They treated me like family and I remain friends with them to this day. I had grown tired of never seeing my family or being able to spend time with children my age, so it was nice to have brothers and sisters again, even if they were only surrogates. Marc and I joined forces with the oh-so-dastardly Falco, and together we formed The Greys. Our mission: to collect secrets about our peers, teachers, and whoever else we could dig up information on. We even had stylish barets that we cleverly stole from the Bresslain law students.

In the pursuit of secrets Falco stumbled upon an unusual occurrence. He found a young noblewoman — Estelle Imbert, fornicating in secret with _____, in a barn, in the middle of nowhere. After dutifully reporting his findings of this fair maiden in such a compromising situation, we did what any boys our age in their right mind would do… taking turns watching.

Falco informed us that there was a perch on top of a tall stack of logs which allowed visibility through one of the high barn windows. I was in position before they got there and stayed motionless for I feared if I moved the logs under me could shift noisily and the jig would be up. Eventually [the man] was satisfied, dressed, and left. Estelle remained for quite some time actually, she seemed to be troubled or at least deep in thought. I was very tired, I had to get myself out of this place before she decided to go for a nice moonlit walk and spot me in my hiding place. So I started to move, and the logs moved with me. By the time I had made it 2 clumsy steps down the stack she was already alerted to my presence, hastily throwing on her shift, and going for the door.

My mind was racing but it was telling me to run and to stay. I decided to just sit atop the pile. At worst she would angrily shout up at my presently out-of-reach and masked visage and at best…

Unsurprisingly, she was shocked and appalled to see that I had been watching her the entire time. She demanded that I take off my mask and show myself, but I wasn’t feeling too confident that she’d just keep my identity a secret, so I offered her something of a trade. I disarmed myself, dismounted the stack and followed her inside, but did not remove the mask. We sat opposite against the hay and we started talking. I learned her name, about this ______ man and what transpired between them. I told her a bit more about myself and eventually I removed my mask. She was surprised by my looks and joked that there was no reason to hide a face like mine. We started flirting, and one thing led to another.

I maintained a secret relationship with Estelle for some time. For what it’s worth, I never pressured her. We loved each other, even if it was just in the misguided, immature way. To make a much longer story short, I came out of it somewhat worse for wear with two lasting injuries. One of which I could’ve easily succumbed to a deadly infection (thank the gods I didn’t) and the other was given to me by her father (yikes). I parted with my love on a bitter-sweet note but I had learned valuable lessons on love, politik, and effective ways to make women scream “yes!”(usually several times in succession).

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I remained a very successful student. I decided that I would continue to study finance as my father would have wanted, although I feel I would have learned much more if I stayed under the tutelage of Vito Borelli.
Even though I excelled in school, I grew increasingly restless with my life in Bressla. Gone was the youthful wonder of the bards life, replaced by the cold reality that I was alone in this foreign land. I never saw many other Moqolese in Bressla, and never did I meet another Svalek.
As such, I was overjoyed when my family came to visit. I was able to speak svalek with my father, practice sword fighting with Bernardo, and even replaced some of Maria’s powdered makeup with powdered coffee, just for old time’s sake. My time with my family was so fleeting, but during that week I was introduced to a Magosi man by the name of Jacobi.

Jacobi was an interesting fellow. Always sharply dressed and not a hair out of place. For a man of his stature, he was very kind to me.

Events to place: Piero’s death, Alfonso’s death,

Janos went to petzchau to ask for aid from the vettin, then to take lands back from del bove. Then shit happens in denzegk and lugus intervenes. Then shit calms down. After a bit Janos is called out by Franco del bove for war crimes, and bernardo kills him in a court duel.

Maria lugus ceratis however convicts Janos of made up war crimes and sends you off. Btw a better write up on the civil war will come at some pt


Kallisto "Oscio" Gosteli

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