“A disobedient child cannot be dissuaded. Rather, their folly must be allowed, and punishment exacted to correct not the action, but rather their morals. Only then will the mistake never be made again.”
- James Locke, Khorish War for Independence

The Locke rule over the diverse and heavily forested Coastlands Archduchy, in northern Amanne. They hold the responsibility of wardens in the west.


Age: Ancient
Dynasty: Dragonridge/Nylhus
Seat: Tirelle, Historically Dragonridge
Patriarch: James Locke
Prominent Holdings:

Immediate Vassals:

Flag: Azure, Or Star Centred
Words: “Seek to Serve”
Notable People:


House Locke is one of the most ancient Amannean houses, and unlike most of the great houses of The North, do not have their roots in the Nylhus conquests of Amanne. Rather, they descend from Faeric settlers in the area, who were converted by Nels himself. The ‘founder’ of the Locke Dynasty was Lionel of Dragonridge, a landlord who had premonitions of Nels’ coming, and as testified in the second scripture, accidentally saved Nels’ band of weary soldiers from an attack by malevolent faeries when his campfire set a field of grass ablaze, scaring the fae off.

Since those times, House Locke has ruled unopposed. They were the primary instigators of the Khorish War for Independence

Current Standing

Family Tree


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