Samdzimara Temple

“I am Jukha, Eristav of Guran
For sixty years I have mourned for my loss
The priests have told me, that not all men
are allowed by Ath the things they desire.
But just as Arshavir tested Zarevand
only to see his devotion and feel pity
revealing to him the mysteries
of eternal life, so will I petition the Gods
The spirits of the hills. My ancestors.
This temple is but one of my offerings.”

- Inscription on Eristav Jukha’s Statue

Samdzimara Temple is one of the temples that Jukha built for Samdzimari, the spirit of the hills that he married and lost, according to legend. It was abandoned when his kingdom fell to the Tarsans, sometime before the rise of the Archonate.

Legend has it that he built it around the shrine at which he summoned Samdzimari for the first time, and that the Daqauri kings, envious of its magical power, conspired with the Tarsans to destroy it. The Daqauri claim that Jukha stole the cup of Zarevand and gave it to Samdzimari as a wedding gift.

Samdzimara Temple

From Amanne Broccoli21