Eternal Peace

After the Second Moqolese War, peace was guaranteed between Amanne and Moqol, for an indefinite period.

It was ‘broken’ in the Khorish War (where Moqol aided Korhold), the War in the Reach (where Moqol declared war on ‘independent’ reachlander lords), and the Marshlander Civil War (Moqol aided Pontreas).

However, the Second Moqolese War ended with status quo bellum (with a few Northern gains), with the caveat that Zerolia becomes a province, rather than a client kingdom, of the Crown of Ralan. The first two ‘breaks’ were dubious – the Moqolese claim that they only signed the treaty with Lugus, and that Amanne forced suzerainty onto the Serelskans.

The Eternal Peace ended in the Civil War in Zerolia – the Anthoriel have commenced raids in Dashtavard, the Reach, and the Mechera Isles since then; even capturing the Isle of Balshanur in the chaos.

Eternal Peace

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