“The Gosteli value only ambition over loyalty.”
- Ignatios the Younger, 1024

“The price of material sin is usually paid by the sin itself.”
- Alfonso III on the price of war

The Gosteli are one of the great landed families of the Marshlands, tracing roots back to a Svalek warlord, as well as a cadet house of the Vettin family.

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Age: 186 years (relatively young)
Dynasty: Kings of Svalos/Red Men
Seat: Haslau Major
Prominent Holdings:

Flag: Azure, vert bend sinister, Or serpent nowed.
Words: “With Toil And Blood”
Notable People:


Familia Gosteli de Haslau, otherwise known as the House of Gosteli (although technically a familia, not a house) was founded 5 generations ago by Alfonso I the Conqueror, who migrated with a group of Svalek exiles to the land near Haslau and aided the current Archduke of Zeroll in driving out the native Dragonmen. He was thus granted the conquered land as payment.

Over the next few generations, the relatively new Gosteli would form a strong bond with the other Svalek immigrants, the Vettin, and enjoy a meteoric rise to power during the lifetime of Alfonso II, due to a multitude of military exploits, and the support of the Vettin.

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Politics and Legacy

The Gosteli have always been one of the most respected Moqolese houses in the Marshlands, due to their strong faith and allegiance to the Archdukes of Zeroll. However they have also been seen as foreign warlords and thieves by the northmen, a belief perhaps compounded with the recent events of the Marshlander Civil War.

The Vettin-Gosteli relations are highly traditional – at least one marriage between them is expected per generation. However the Gosteli are no longer Vettini – they have opposed their former patrons a multitude of times in matters of politics – especially on the topic of the Anjora, who are generally considered the sworn enemy of the Vettin. During the reign of El Sabio, these relations were smooth. However the windfallen power of the Gosteli in Denzegk has the Vettin concerned, seeing as Vettin lands in Petzchau and the Pale Maiden would be ripe for the picking given a family feud.

However divided their loyalties to other families, it is certain that the Gostei have always been close friends of the Zerollean Archduke. In fact this friendship proved an asset in the Civil War. However the clear breach of this trust by the Gosteli to place Pontreas on the Throne is considered by many a scandalous and treacherous act. Nonetheless, it seems that of all the Lords closest to House Lugus before the War, the Gosteli were punished the least; in fact they were even given land.

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Current Gosteli of Note

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