List of Regions

Although a large generalization, much of the civilized world can be broken down into traditional regions, usually reflecting ethnic, social or political realities. Here we provide a rough guide. For a more detailed listing, consult the Index of Geography. In this listing, we do not take heed to present political situations, only traditional boundaries.

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Regions of North Amanne

Regions of South Amanne

Korhold and Neighbors

The Moqolese Domains

Other Regions in the Empire

The Dragoncrest

  • Svalos, sometimes incorrectly called Highcrest by Northmen.
  • Naronar
  • Prensha, sometimes called lesser Naronar or put into the Nethlands.
  • Red Forest, sometimes called Tergesa or put into the Nethlands.

Adjacent Lands

Much more detail is given in the geography index.

List of Regions

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