Marshlander Civil War

Date: 1085-1091
Location: Marshlands, Reach

  • Pontreas Claim on Archduchy of The Marshlands
  • Massacre in Denzegk
  • Anti-Northern Sentiment in Moqolese-dominated areas of Zerolia


  • Pontreas Victory
  • Lugus family largely dead
  • Templars banished from Marshlands

Territorial Changes:

  • Relative autonomy of the Marshlands, from the Throne of Amanne
  • Lugus lands near Ceres confiscated
  • Draxis solidifies control on The Reach

Major Belligerents:

House Pontreas House Lugus
House Gelf House Hawthorne
House Vettin House Netrala
Naronar Mistlands

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Marshlander Civil War

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