Ovech People

“A stallion, black-burnt, moving slowly,
Urmuliani night of Khregathi
The Mtkvari, willow, ancient temple,
Garden roses, rustling quietly.

Cloudless skies look down in silence,
Hay-stacks slide past with the stars…
Here it was that history thundered,
And Svalos weeps silent o’er her scars."

- Uknown Author, “Khregathiani Night”

Literally, ‘Red-Blooded’ in the Ovech languages, the term Ovech refers to more-or-less unmixed descendants of the Red Men. Namely, the Ovech ethno-linguistic group includes the following nationalities:

  • Svalek People
  • Naronese People, of Burning Peaks and Naronar
  • Reachlander and Marshlander (Qarach) People

Each of the above have languages of their own, but the Ovech languages are close relatives. All Ovech practice a form of Ovechzism. For an overview of their culture, see Svalek Culture. Outside Moqol, the word ‘Svalek’ is used instead of ‘Ovech’ as a catch-all. As an IRL reference, use the Kavkaz (Georgian, Chechen, etc.) and Armenian people. Most citizens of Moqol can easily recognize the typical facial features of Ovech, but cannot tell the difference between the subgroups. Northerners call all Ovech as ‘blacotte’, referring to the black formal coats of the Svalek.


Svaleks tend to have an swarthy/olive skintone, thick, dark wavy (type 2A-3A) hair, and eyes ranging from dark brown, to dark grey and black. Dark eyes are considered ‘ideal’, in the Highlander standard at least. Large round eyes, strong noses, and an abundance of hair are common features. They stand taller than average for a Moqolese people, but are generally slim and of smaller build than Northerners and Mechera.

The highlanders and lowlanders are hard to tell apart, but the former tend to have slightly lighter features, and the latter tend to have features in common with the Naronese.

Naronese are similar, but have darker features and less curly hair, and tend to be the tallest Ovech. Deep green eyes are a peculiarity of the Ceratis clan (who rule Naronar).

Reachlander Ovech are shorter and more sturdily built, with distinctive dark brown eye color, and dark brown hair with more reddish tones than usual. Both them and the similar Marshlander Ovech are largely nonexistent outside of certain areas.

Ovech People

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