“I go to shrines, you go to temples,
I drink ab-zohr, and you drink chernip,
I eat mezd, and you eat deipnon
I offer xon, you offer brinnon,
I take blessing, you take blessing,
I kneel down, and you fold your hands
My grievances are fixed, your wishes are fulfilled,
I ask the one standing, you ask the one laying down,
My lantern held by ancestors, yours by the prophets,
The light they hold, is the one they sought,
We seek with the same eyes, for the same Shanth or Arta,
When there is no difference, why is your and my god different?
Then tell me if I am infidel; who are you?”

- “Complaint of the Hurkanoi (Xuragani) Lord”, 923

Here we outline the religions and sects of the known world. This is an integral part of cultures, and many regions and ethnic groups can have more than one religion. The table lists the name, the group, the head (if applicable), holy sites, holidays, and whether holy wars are allowed. We only list heresies if they have a significant enough following and acceptance to be considered ‘mainstream’, although some other sects may consider them heretical.

Majority of religions are polytheistic. National Gods are common in places such as Korhold and Svalos – a form of monolatrism. Orthodox Haddists are monotheists, so are the Bel-Thazzar and (somewhat) the northern faith.

Religion Group Head Holy Sites Holidays Investiture Notes
Amannean Nylism Silver Flame King of Amanne Calcester, Ralan, Coastlands Kingly ‘Cuithbertian Reformed’: Anti-materialist, dualist
Khorish Nylism Silver Flame Autocephalous Korhold, Reach None Worship of Luca, Universalists
Pencefree Silver Flame None Western and Southern Amanne None Ascetic communal, lay, determinist
Die Unwissenden Silver Flame Nylhus Patriarch Mistwood, Wyrmlands, Phyrra Hereditary Anti-Rationalists
Phyristism Silver Flame None Nylfjords , Ralan, Phyrra Free Heretics to all but Iconoclasts, ultra-occasionalists
Iconoclastic Nylenry Silver Flame None Nylfjords Kingly Heretics only to Brendenists
Simonism Silver Flame Chair of Brendan Wyrmlands, Riverlands Elective Claims descent from Dragonman religion, ‘meritocratic’ salvation
Brendenism Silver Flame Chair of Brendan Nylfjords, Zeroll, Moq Free Orthodox Rationalists
Apomesian Order Silver Flame Heresy None Zeroll, Moq Free Partial syncretism to Tsaghako
Ovechzism Haddism(?) None Ovech Communities Abshuri or Free Regional Flavors Abound
Mechera Haddism Haddism Emperor Moq, Zeroll, Ovtendurra, Ur-Voq Elective Heretics to Sukal’Eta
Magosi Haddism Tarsan/Haddism Archon (Now is Emperor) Olvos, Shearpoint, Ur-Voq Legislative
Iztiafism Haddism Archon Moq, Olvos, Shearpoint, Ur-Voq Archonic/Free Consider all other Haddists heretical
Belkan Haddism Haddism None Ovtendurra, Moq, Zeroll Free Heretics to Magosi Haddism
Prenshi Haddism Haddism None Ovtendurra, Moq, Zeroll Free Heretics to Magosi Haddism
Tsaghako Haddism(?) None Region-dependent Free ‘Pagan’ traditions of the Nythians and Gold Coast
Heiropisti Haddism(?) None Region-dependent Free ‘Pagan’ traditions of the Mechera
Faiths of Qaraxan Red Plains Faiths None Region-dependent ‘Pagan’ traditions of the Red Plains Peoples.
Ydrgke Red Plains Faiths Emperor Anthorieli Religion
Sukal’Et Haddist Heresy Emperor Moq Elective Revis-inspired reformists
Bel-Thazzar Tarsan Church of the Inferno Black Sands (The Midden) ? Cult of Revis, Prophet of the Inferno


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