States and Empires

“Empires dawn at the dusk of others”
- Umberg Dzhona, second Laynne Herzog of Kha, in Ibd Saaqerza’s Song of the Falcon

Aside from ethnic and national divisions, governments and dynasties carve up the land in a dynamic fashion. Over history, most lands have belonged to a number of empires, and dynasties within them. Here we list historical and current empires, as well as kingdoms, duchies, city-states and republics.

See List of Regions for geographic info.

Current or Recent States

Here we provide a comprehensive list of current significant sovereign states, or those that existed within the last century. We segregate them by geography. If knowledge is wished of this level of detail with historical states, in-game rolls will be needed. For flags and symbols, see Symbolism. Many foreign states are hidden here, as they require use of various knowledge skills.


Anything more significant than a kingdom

  • Empire of Moqol, ruling the Red Plains, Black Coast (Moq), Gold Coast (Kha), Brakenvald, Eastern Reach (Qaraz), Svalos, Naronar, Olvara (Olvos), Uscar (Euscar), Oscotia, Belk, Southern Hills, Yahara and the Nethmarch. Capital is Moq. It should be noted that Svalos and Naronar are self-governing “Kraldoms”, and that Olvos is either an incorporated archonate or nonexistant as a title, depending on the circumstances.
  • Oltec Empire, ruling all of Olteca.

Large States

Kingdoms, large Duchies and other such principalities:

  • Faeric Confederacy, ruling the Faeric Isles and apparently parts of northern Ursk.
  • Llek Confederacy, a large dragonman and faeric tribal confederation north of everwinter province. Capital is Vaith.
  • Second Mistlander State (Kingdom of Nylfjordia), ruling the Mistlands and Saltshore, as well as significant portions of the Riviera, Northlands and Wyrmlands. Capital is Mistwood, although the Nylfjords are the de-facto capital.
  • Dyatichi, powerful tribal confederation between the Raveau and the Ratil basin. Traditional allies with Mistwood.
  • Kingdom of Amanne, remnants of Claudius rule, controlling the Norlands, Wyrmlands and Everwinter, and de-facto ruling Raveau
  • Kingdom of Tirelle, Faeric petty kingdom controlling some of the Northern Coastlands
  • Locke-Brandywyne, House in control of the Coastlands, and a client state to Ralan
  • House Hawthorne, House Hart, House Manning, House Penrose; 4 powerful riverlander families who have divided the remnants of central Amanne among themselves.
  • House of Netrala, Faeric Kingdom with large domains between the Mistlands and Marshlands
  • Kingdom of Alwyn, petty kingdom founded by an ambitious reachlander khorish noble, fights for dominance of the northern reach with Bressla and Calcester (the latter is Korhold’s vassal).
  • Grand Duchy of Korhold, ruling Greenvale and much of the western Reach. Capital is Korhold City.
  • Whitetree, a northern enclave south of Korhold
  • Despotate of Phyrra, ruling Stoneman Isle and the Frostfall Islands, with the exception of Hollenoake.
  • Salaani Union, ruling the various Salaanese Islands.
  • Kralates of Svalos and Naronar, vassalized to Moqol.
  • Gyzta, Neth confederacy controlling most of the land south of Belk and east of Prenshi territory

Small States

Anything around the size or smaller than a Duchy.
Includes city-states and functionally independent vassals of larger entities.

  • Hef’lek, a remote but historically important free city.
  • Nortonian Union, a trio group of independent and remote fiefs in the Wyrmlands and Mistlands.
  • Republic of Blackwood, although a free city-state, pays fealty to Mistwood. Controls various islands in the Mistlands, as well as Hollenoake.
  • Halwynn : Semi-nomadic dragonmen in the Raveau
  • Greenvale, last remnant of House Locke.
  • Acornshire, city-state in the Reach, sovereign under Claudius control
  • Bressla, a large Duchy in the Reach, owing fealty to the Riverlands
  • Iltachz, remote island nation south of Korhold
  • Calcester, a free city in the Riverlands, now vassalized to Korhold.
  • Republic of Bec, a large free city with loose control over a number of peasant republics in the area.
  • Blackrock Ambassadorial Zone, a Moqolese satellite state in the Marshlands, controlling Nornberk. Owes fealty to the crown of Amanne directly.
  • Yahara, enclave of the Moqolese Empire in the Nethlands – has effective autonomy
  • Pachza, large but relatively uninhabited region near The Neck – trades heavily with Oltecs
  • Cabal of the Glass Eye, an scholastic order with military protection from the Oltec Empire, located in the Western Marches province of Amanne.

Chronology of Empires

If a History(World) skill of IQ+2 is acquired, parts of this section will be uncovered.

States and Empires

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