Svalos is a kralate (kingdom) in western Moqol, and is a vassal state to the Empire. However it has enjoyed a high degree of autonomy in the past, due to its location. The current kings of Svalos descent from the Sylle dynasty, who trace lineage back to the conqueror Brenden, as well as the founder of the nation, Dagev.


History and Culture

Its history is one of the oldest recorded in the region, with the first written records appearing just around the year 80, in a language known as Old Svalek. The oral traditions go back earlier, and scholars are not quite sure when the famous Dagev lived. Nonetheless, the gold serpent the hero faces in the Dagevenlied has become a national symbol of the nation, along with the holy Ovtendurra (see above picture), on which perches the family castle of the Sylle. Svalek Culture is highly refined, but quite alien to northerners. It is said to most resemble the culture of the ancient Red Men. Music and dance are similar in style to that of Naronar, while cuisine and literature have largely developed on their own, including a type of calligraphy unique to the Svalek Language.


Svalos has always maintained good relations with the imperial crown, as well as Olvos and Korhold (not considering recent events). Numerous wars have been fought with Whitetree, Naronar and the Brakenvald. In the Belkan-Naronese wars of recent years, the Svalek advocated temperence but nonetheless cooperated with the empire in aiding the Khorish in the Khorish War for Independence. Afterwards however, the Svalek were offended by the lack of payment and thanks for their intervention, and have been refusing to round up south Khorish slavers based in Svalos.


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